TerribleHack XIII

It's gonna be big

We're a stealth mode startup. We can't say what we're up to, but we guarantee that the world will never be the same after we launch. Attend the event and check out the Facebook event!

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About TerribleHack

Most hackathons are about coming up with innovative new ideas and making plausible startup prototypes. This one is different. This one is about having fun!

You are invited to come and create something disgustingly beautiful. Join us March 10, STC 1012, University of Waterloo, hosted with the CS Club and MathSoc.

Attend the event by filling out our job application!

Apply for an opening as a Data MessiahMaker of ThingsInformation AgitatorArchitect-in-ResidencePerformance SherpaCoding NinjaSoftware Ninjaneer

Our team is going to disruptdemocratizerevolutionizerock the core of technology as we know it. Our product is so influential that we would barely be able to tell you about it if we wanted to, but to be clear, we don't want to, because the world isn't ready for it quite yet. That's where you come in!

We want your deep learninginternet-of-thingsmicroservice architecturedistributed computingreal-time programmingcryptocurrencyblockchain expertise to help our team ascend to new levels of enlightenment so that we can bring our work to the public. We can't tell you what it's for, but you will need at least 20 dog years29200 Bee Movie viewings3 presidential termstwo world wars3 elephant pregnancies worth of experience with CSS4ES8Go 3Python 4C++38FortranCOBOLRacket to be able to behold the work we've done so far without literally melting.

Our team culture is really loose and flexible. We work hard and play hard, and we look for similar-minded people to fill in our team.

By applying to this job opening, you agree to a preliminary team on-site on March 10, 2019 at the University of Waterloo. The on-site will be in the form of a terrible hackathon. Food will be provided.

Minimum Qualifications

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...and then check out the Facebook event!